About our Art

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Great photography is often the result of the ability to see, as well as a solid understanding of the characteristics of light. Light can become the proverbial paintbrush to create works of art.

Our desire to create fine art images of cars, was  in part fueled by the technical challenges associated with automotive photography, but mostly by a love for the shape of cars. We use our understanding of light to reveal the beauty hidden in the shapes, curves and lines.

Our FDL technique, optimises the relationship between shadows and highlights, which in return brings out the subtle details in the shape of the car, while still rendering soft enough light to manage reflections in the paint work.

 What started out as a photography project soon became an ongoing tribute to the true artists – the car designers. 

Photography Commissions

We are available for commissions from car owners, collectors and manufactures alike.  Our innovative lighting techniques allow us to photograph wherever the cars are, whether in a garage, on a showroom floor or in museum exhibitions – completely eliminating the need for photographic studios or big lighting set-ups. Although we are based in South Africa we travel worldwide.


We are traveling to Europe during February 2019 and still have some days open to photograph for you. Contact us to book your shoot!

The Team

Our team consists of South African photography duo, Sarel van Staden and Maryna Cotton.

We are automotive enthusiasts!

Our artwork is created using our custom-built lighting technique (FDL TECHNIQUE) to create photographs, which combined with artistic ability and post-production processes render unique pieces of car fine art.


Commercial and Automotive Photographer
Commercial and Automotive Photographer

Recent News

Read our blog posts to learn more about our shoots and our lighting techniques, in particular the FDL-technique…

Our Clients


“We literally feel that Sarel and Maryna have been a part of our growth over the past few years. They feel like they’re part of our team and we look forward to working with them for many years to come”

Clive Murphy
Managing Director | Powerbrake (Pty) Ltd

“Simply breathtaking fine art photos and fantastic people to work with!”

Juan van den Heever

“A really great piece of lighting and detail work that boarders art. I really like this shot a lot and control of light here. Great shape, shadow and highlights and the tonality is good too.”

Tim Wallace
Competition Judge / Automotive Photographer