Car fine art - an introduction

Car Fine Art Part 2 

So much has been written on design in general and car design is no different. For most of us when we look at a beautiful car, our immediate initial response is that the car is a thing of beauty or not. The car is seen as a whole, a unit or as a single shape. It is however often only once one has walked right around the car that one notices the true beauty; when one notices the collection of lines or themes subtly connected to create the unique shape. 

Some times, if one lingers long enough, it is possible to spot the inspiration the designer had taken from architecture, art, music, or nature. If one lingers even longer the car design can become a source of inspiration. No surprise that words such as “time-less” and “classic” are often used to describe a design.

Before we delve into design elements and principles, we went to the designers themselves for their words of wisdom….




A Tribute to the car designers

“Great cars are great art” – Ian Callum