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We are car lovers.....

We are car lovers – not the usual petrolhead kind of car lovers, but the kind that is in love with the lines and curves in the designs of cars. We are creatives who live for photography and the creative process that is photography. We are blessed daily by the fact that we can create, see and observe beauty which is often missed for various reasons, and that we can share our passion for what we do through our work.

Our car fine art images are a way to pay tribute to the car designers, the true artists. The beauty of what they create is often hidden by the reflections of the car’s surroundings in it’s paintwork. The lighting technique we developed and our creative process reveal the designers’ master pieces.

Our innovative Focussed Diffused Light lighting technique...

The FDL lighting technique was born out of desperation. The automotive photography market was shrinking due to an increase in the use of computer generated images as well as the rise in numbers of automotive and commercial photographers. We knew that we needed to come up with something new and something eye catching to stay on top of the game. 

Being car lovers who regard the curves and lines of car designs as art we believed that if we could create a low-key light source to light the shapes and lines of cars, we could create abstract fine art photographs of our favourite subjects.

The reflective surfaces created a challenge to light only small areas with low-key light. We tried all the commercially available light shapers and modifiers, but nothing gave the desired effect.

After many trials and errors Sarel developed a lighting technique which we call FDL (focused diffused lighting). This technique allows us to travel light and to shoot on any location.

We won many awards, accolades and features...

The multiple international awards and accolades over the past few years are testimony of  hard work and dedication to create fine art of beautiful cars using  our FDL technique.

Our work has also featured in prominent premier publications.

Our future plans.....

Our dream is to create the go-to site for car lovers looking for car fine art.  

To achieve this we are constantly honing our technique and skill, shooting and re-shooting cars to create more beautiful images for all the car lovers, ever increasing the collection of images already on this site.

During 2019 we will be traveling to Europe, the UK and USA to continue on this quest and also to do some commissioned work.

We will be teaching workshops on the FDL technique in both the UK and USA during 2019.


Awards and Accolades

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