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Commercial and Automotive Photographer


Béhance Portfolio: Sarel van Staden

Sarel van Staden has been a professional photographer for more than two decades and has been winning awards for as many years. Like most photographers, his career started as a wedding and event photographer, but his love for creative lighting techniques resulted in a shift to commercial photography and more specifically automotive photography.

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Commercial and Automotive Photographer


Béhance Portfolio: Maryna Cotton

Maryna has been making photographs, with passionate enthusiasm, most of her life. Her passion for photography and her desire to create memorable images have motivated her to become a creative still life and commercial photographer. Her use of creative and innovative lighting techniques sets her internationally acclaimed work apart form the rest. This is especially evident in her automotive work.

Our story

We are car lovers – not the usual petrolhead kind of car lovers, but the kind that is in love with the lines and curves in the designs of cars. We are creatives, who live for photography and the creative process that is photography. We are blessed daily by the fact that we can create, that we can see and observe beauty which is often missed for various reasons, and that we can share our passion for what we do  through our work.

Our car fine art images are  a way to pay tribute to the car designers, the true artists. The beauty of what they create is often hidden by the reflections of the car’s surroundings in it’s paintwork. The lighting technique we developed and our creative process reveal the master pieces.

We are proud to work with

Brand et al
The Torque
LAZ Performance
WR Off-Road


  • “Nice lighting buddy, this project was awesome and you shaped it beautifully!”

    2 October 2017

    Leo Cavallini
    Photographer São Paulo, Brazil
  • “Your style is so beautiful – would love to know how much is photography and how much CGI and then what software and render engine you are using. Lovely stuff.”

    3 October

    David Turfitt
    3D Designer David Turfitt Limited, UK
  • “A beautiful appearance from darkness, I think this is a steep direction for posters!”

    27 August

    Dmitry Loginov
    Designer N3 Design, Moscow
  • “I just want to say I am so thoroughly impressed with the Jag shoot. The photos are incredible! I absolutely love them and feel so grateful just to be a part of it.
    You guys are very special. Thank you!”
    Rob Diering
    Team Principal The Torque
  • “Great job, those photos are so clean, they look like 3d renders, amazing work!”

    10 July 2017

    Michuel A. López Estañol
    3d Generalist Hopo Studio, Mexico
  • “I’m completely in love with the C1 version of the corvette… your imagery has captured those fine and unique details which have made this car so iconic from its inception.  Beautiful lighting”

    15 May 2017

    John N
    Graphic designer Egypt
  • “I absolutely love your imagery. The use of light painting, composition and framing. Again, wonderful job! Thank you”

    5 Oct 2017

    Teddy Vestris
    Teddy Vestris Photographer Guadeloupe



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